Pamper your skin while restoring harmony to your body.

The summery warmth of sunflower oil, calming lavender oil, and soothing chamomile extract restore radiance to skin affected by pollution, aging, and harsh chemicals. We opt for a special grade of sunflower oil that delivers a higher amount of antioxidants and choose natural lemon to maintain product freshness instead of damaging chemical preservatives. The subtle scent of lavender and touch of chamomile melt tension and revitalize your spirit while renewing your skin's vitality.

Nutra's patented Opti-MSM is the foundation of our Face, Skin, and Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream. This key ingredient helps calm stressed skin and sooth irritation. Beauty and spa experts specifically formulated Nutra with Opti-MSM so that skin could absorb it quickly and easily versus leaving a slimy, greasy layer on the surface.

72 trace minerals and essential oils as well as Vitamins A, D, and E help restore balance and feed your skin the nutrients it craves.

Gentle enough for your face. Strong enough to moisturize and soothe your full body.

Nutra Face, Skin, and Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream Ingredients

We only select superior quality, natural ingredients to create our popular hypoallergenic Face, Skin, and Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream.

Nutra's products replenish and soothe through the power of nature.

The all-natural Face, Joint, and Skin Ultra Relief cream contains aromatherapy essential oils, MSM herbs and vitamins, purified water, Sunflower Oil, Glycerol Stearate, Chamomile Extract, Vitamins A, D, and E, and Whole Lemon.

Our products are comprised of fresh ingredients specifically manufactured by Nutra. To prevent chemical toxicity, we only use plant-based ingredients.

More about MSM

Nutra's patented Opti-MSM is a unique all-natural blend that helps feed the body the nutrients it needs while softening skin and improving appearance.

This sulfur compound is thought to improve skin's elasticity, making skin look younger and healthier. It is commonly found in raw milk, fish, grains, and many fruits & vegetables. MSM is extremely fragile and easily destroyed during even moderate processing for cosmetics. Our formulation process takes MSM's special attributes into account so that our clients reap maximum effectiveness from this powerful ingredient.

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