: Radiant Rejuvenation Serum
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Banish tired eyes through blissful pampering.

Nutra's Radiant Rejuvenation Serum maintains and restores the fragile skin around your eyes with an intense concentration of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

Retinol and Coenzyme Q-10 work in tandem with our special mix of Opti-MSM to lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and furrows - restoring a more youthful appearance with regular use. Our fragrant skin care cream is packed with antioxidant rich sunflower oil and over 70 other trace minerals your body craves.

Particularly for delicate eye skin, its vital to use gentle, natural ingredients that deliver powerful results instead of gambling on lab-created chemicals which could permanently alter your appearance and prematurely age tender skin.

Recommended usage: Twice daily for noticeable results within 90 days.

Relax and enjoy the delightful scents and effectiveness of our entire Aromatherapy product line.

Nutra's products replenish and soothe through the power of nature.

Our products are comprised of fresh ingredients specifically manufactured by Nutra. To prevent chemical toxicity, we only use plant-based ingredients.

More about MSM

Nutra's patented Opti-MSM is a unique all-natural blend that helps feed the body the nutrients it needs while softening skin and improving appearance.

This sulfur compound is thought to improve skin's elasticity, making skin look younger and healthier. It is commonly found in raw milk, fish, grains, and many fruits & vegetables. MSM is extremely fragile and easily destroyed during even moderate processing for cosmetics. Our formulation process takes MSM's special attributes into account so that our clients reap maximum effectiveness from this powerful ingredient.